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High Place of Sacrifice

High Place of Sacrifice

Petra’s magnitude and beauty can only be fully appreciated from above: On the left hand side of the Street of Façades, a set of rock staircases and pathways, part of the original Nabataean processional route, wind their way up to the High Place of Sacrifice (Jabal Al-Madhbah), 200 meters above the city on the Zibb Atuf ridge. The forty-minute effort on a safe and scenic trail are rewarded by breathtaking views of Petra's broad valley and surrounding peaks.

The High Place itself on the crest of the mountain is an enigmatic ceremonial platform with remains of a triclinium (benches for festive meals), a stone block as repository of the god statue, as well as a circular altar, both preceded by three steps.

You can return the same way you came, but better take the longer trail down, passing near the ruins of a Crusader fort and the two six-meter-high obeliscs, to discover the archaeological treasures and scenic beauties of Wadi Farasa, that really shouldn't be missed.

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