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Along the Decumanus

Information & photo tour

The Decumanus Maximus is the main east-west axis and grand colonnaded street of Gadara. As part of the important trade route from Bostra (in the southwest of Syria) to the Mediterranean ports, it runs through the entire northern quarters of the ancient town.

Around the mid-1st century AD, a first road section was paved with basalt slabs. When the development of Gadara reached a zenith in the Severian period (193 - 235), the Decumanus Maximus was greatly enhanced and prolonged into the city areas which had continued growing westwards. Estrades with numerous statues of honour, colonnades and porticoes as well as other monuments of urban representation were built on both sides. It is assumed that the colonnaded street fulfilled the function of a linear forum for which in other cities extensive squares were usually laid out.

After the severe earthquake in the middle of the 8th century, the street was considerably narrowed and flanked by smaller shops.

This informative photo tour presents several archaeological remains on both sides of the Decumanus Maximus, including one of the best preserved and most elaborate burial structure of the Decapolis.

This informative photo tour in five chapters presents most of the attractions of Gadara.

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