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Darat al Funun 30-3: Photo tour

Studio 8, Ghorfa
(Studio 8: established in 2014 in Amman)

Space Harmony: An Exploration of Symbolic Representation Of Dance Movement, 2018
Multimedia installation, performance
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Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light
Third exhibition of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Darat al Funun, Amman
23 October 2018 - 14 March 2019

Photos and video:

About Space Harmony and Studio 8

The interactive installation and performance form a journey through the history of dance notation that tells of the early exploration of ties between dance and visual arts, the continuous investigation of the relationship between movement and space and the evolution of the representation of dance through symbols, figures, words, path mapping and numerical systems.

Studio 8 is an artistic lab and platform that aims to further cultural exchange, creative capacity building, artistic interventions and social artistry in Amman.

Producer: Studio 8, Artistic director: Abdul Hadi Nahleh, Artistic Director: Xiaoman Ren, Choreographer: Anas Nahleh, Music Composer: Andrew Seligson.

Dancers: Natalie Salsa', Omar Hasanain, Susan Bainter Baghdadi, Daniel Issa, Mariana Al Tamimi, Rashmi Yeolekar, Shahed Jallad, Raneem Nahhas.

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