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Riccardo Matlakas

Melting Borders, 2018
Amman, from Darat al Funun to Downtown. Duration 1 hour.
Performance, documentation and relics of the performance

With this action, the artist wanted to symbolically melt out all the borders, leaving only the sweetness and the beauty of humanity, to highlight the essence and beauty of each different ethnicl culture.

The shirt is what remains of the action, which the artist intends to repeat in other countries, reclaiming a borderless society and highlighting the beauty of different customs. The remaining shirt, represents a new flag, which is "politics free", the "Sweet Flag”.

Melting Borders is a performance shown so far in Armenia (2017), England (2017), the South Korea/North Korean border (2018), Poland (2018), Ukraine (2018), and now Amman.

(* 1982 Italy. Lives in London.)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

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Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light. 23 October 2018 - 14 March 2019, Amman. Closing exhibition of the three phased art events to celebrate 30 years of Darat al Funun.

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