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Darat al Funun 30-3: Photo tour

Ammar Khammash
(* 1960 Jordan. Lives in Amman.)

We Inhabit the Accumulation of Time. 2018
Installation at Dar Khalid
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Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light
Third exhibition of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Darat al Funun, Amman
23 October 2018 - 14 March 2019


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We Inhabit the Accumulation of Time. 2018

Taking Darat al Funun’s façades as a starting point, this installation probes history and the passing of time.

Building blocks containing the bone debris of animals that lived 85 million years ago come to serve as a record of a life from a distant past.

Ammar Khammash is an artist, a painter and a photographer, and one of the most notable architects in Jordan, known especially for his extensive work in the field of historical preservation.

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