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Since 2002, Dar Khalid is the house dedicated to the memory and legacy of Darat al Funun’s patron Khalid Shoman. It had been restored in 1995 to serve as quarters and studios for visiting artists.

Built in the 1920s also for the Abdo family (like the Blue House), it was once lived in by Sheikh Fouad al Khateeb, poet of the Great Arab Revolt and advisor at the Court of King Abdullah. Later, in the mid 1950s, Prime Minister Suleiman Nabulsi inhabited it.

Dar Khalid
Darat al Funun

Founded in 1988, six historical buildings, with an archaeological site in the garden. Collection of art of the Arab world, international exhibitions, events, experimental projects, artist residencies, book publisher, etc.

Recommendations for cultural travellers: Contemporary art, art history, architecture, design, cultural heritage

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