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El diablo probablemente
(The Devil, probably)
24 de October - 23 de November 2014

Faro del Tiempo
Carrera 3 # 12c - 98
La Candelaria, Bogotá
Curatorial grant awarded by MISOL Foundation 2014

Curator: Alejandro Martín

Artists: Gabriela Pinilla, Antonio Yemail, Tatiana Acevedo, Edwin Sánchez, Ericka Florez & Hernán Barón, Verónica Lehner, Kevin Mancera, Rubén Mendoza, Powerpaola & Pablo Besse, La Silueta, Paulo Licona, Mónica Restrepo, Antonio Ungar, Ana María Millán, Tupac Cruz, María Isabel Rueda, Joni B, Luisa Ungar, Lucas Ospina.


From the question: “Who guides us?” And the answer: “The Devil, probably,” a group of artists were invited to create spaces to manifest the awareness that the hands that guide us are not our own.

Colombia has a very special relationship with evil and the devil. The cultural mix that originated today’s society has a symbolic undertone that leads us to think the different situations that make up reality in religious images. On the other hand, there is a widespread feeling in the country that the real forces never come to light and that there is an invisible hand that manipulates everything. The exhibition did not intend to prove a theory but to find diverse visions, as different as possible.

Extract of the curatorial text by Alejandro Martín.
© Photos: Haupt & Binder, English: Universes in Universe
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Art exhibitions in the historical neighborhood La Candelaría during the Month of the Art 2014 in Bogotá, Colombia

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