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Month of Art in Bogotá - Every Year in October

Special: Month of Art 2014 ►
In this Special, Universes in Universe presents all the art fairs and a selection of 32 exhibitions during the Month of Art 2014 in Bogotá. Photo tours, including curatorial concepts, venues, localization maps, information on artworks and artists, etc.


Every year, the month of October is celebrated as a “Month of Art” throughout Colombia, a distinction that has even been passed into a law, even though most people are not aware of it.

Already in 1991, President César Gaviria issued an Executive Order declaring the month of October as “National Artist Month” and October 22 as “Colombian Composer Day.” The “Month of Art,” as it is known today, dates back to a law passed by the Colombian Parliament in April 2004.

One of the most important cultural metropolises in the continent, Bogota is already the epicenter of artistic activities throughout the year. The fact that artistic events reach a climax there in October is not because there is a law, but undoubtedly a consequence of ARTBO. Bogota’s international art fair and the numerous receptions organized around it attract enormous media attention. The constant increase of the number of visitors from the rest of the country and from abroad is remarkable. This has led to the rise of several parallel fairs in the last few years. Together with the numerous exhibitions that can always be seen throughout town anyway, many events and special presentations take place in the context of ARTBO.

This Universes in Universe Special intends to give an idea of the richness, variety and quality of Bogota’s artistic offer all year round, especially during the “Month of Art.” If you are thinking of visiting ARTBO and the parallel fairs in October, planning a few extra days to visit the numerous temporary and permanent art exhibitions in galleries, museums and other venues to enjoy everything the Colombian capital has to offer in the field of art is well worth it.

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