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Animamix Biennial

Animamix Biennial

Animamix Biennial
Contemporary animation and comic aesthetics

When Victoria Lu curated "Fiction.Love" in 2004 at MoCA Taipei, she became aware of a new trend in aesthetics, and in 2006, when she curated a new version of Fiction@Love at MoCA Shanghai, she coined a term to describe this new trend: Animamix, combining "animation" and "comics".

Animamix is defined by these four characteristics:

- All the various and abundant forms of Animamix in popular culture are centered on the worship of youth and the pursuit of an idealized youthful beauty.

- The bizarre and ever-changing narrative texts in Animamix art imbue the images with a strong narrative character, which themselves form a visual language.

- The colorful lights derived from the electronic media create a totally new and unique visual experience of art with colored lights.

- Animamix involves the use of great human, material and financial resources interacting and cooperating across different sectors.

The Animamix artists of the 21st century are not just the people who are engaged in creating animation and comics products; rather, Animamix artists are found in all the fields of the creative industry. Unlike the pop artists of the previous century who simply appropriated visual symbols from comics and animation, 21st century Animamix artists are a new generation of neo-aesthetes who are already completely submersed in the aesthetics of Animamix.

(From press information of the organizers)

More, see the Text by Victoria Lu

The inaugural Animamix Biennial was staged at MoCA Shanghai in 2007. In 2009, the Animamix Biennial expands to four venues in Taiwan and China. It will open at MoCA Taipei at the end of 2009 and continue into 2010, at MoCA Shanghai, Today Art Museum in Beijing, and Guangdong Museum of Art.



Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
No. 39, Chang-an West Rd.
Ta-tung District, Taipei, Taiwan

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road
Shanghai, 200003, China

Today Art Museum, Beijing
Building 4, Pingod Community
No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100022, China

Guandong Museum of Art
38 Yanyu Road, Er-sha Island
Guangzhou, 510105, China

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