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Aichi Triennale 2010

Aichi Triennale 2010

1st Aichi Triennale

21 August - 31 October 2010
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Artistic Director: Akira Tatehata
Curators: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Jochen Volz, Masahiko Haito, Hinako Kasagi, Takashi Echigoya, Eri Karatsu
Guest Curator: Emmanuelle de Montgazon
Associate Curators: Fuyumi Namioka, Hisako Hara
Curators & Production

Arts and Cities

The inaugural edition of the Aichi Triennale, an international arts festival that aims to convey the latest trends in contemporary art, is conceived around the theme "Arts and Cities."

Approximately 130 artists and artists' groups from all over the world are invited to present their works not only in museums and theaters in Nagoya, but also at various other locations in the public space, such as streets, squares, parks, shopping areas, and a historic textile wholesale district, turning the entire city into an art experience.

In addition to the international show, there will be exhibitions based on the results of a competition for young artists. These presentations will give new and multifaceted perspectives rarely to find at other international events.

There will also be stage performances in which disciplines such as dance, music, theatre, opera are integrated with cutting-edge artistic expressions.

An international film program, site-specific performances, a symposium on international exhibitions, workshops offering training in art and stage production, a Kid's Triennale, as well as a series of concurrent programs and joint activities by art museums and concert halls in Aichi Prefecture will expand the Triennale's outreach regionally and internationally.

(From press information by the organizers)


Artistic Director: Akira Tatehata

The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee,
Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya Art Museum


Main Exhibitions & Events

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
More than 70 artists and groups from around the world, presented in the main exhibition venues and other locations throughout the city.
List of artists

Performing Arts (Stage performances)
Cutting-edge interdisciplinary performances by around 20 artists and groups, including a large-scale opera, programmed at the Mini Theater for almost all the weekends during the Triennale.
List of artists

Exhibition through a Curatorial Competition
Series of shows selected through a call for applications for young artists presented at the Aichi Arts Center and Choja-machi area.
List of artists

Film Presentation Program
About 30 innovative short and full-length films from around the world, screened during a two-week period at the Mini Theater. Program theme: "Facing the Second Century of Film".
List of artists


Aichi Arts Center
Nagoya City Art Museum
Choja-machi area
Nayabashi site

Joint and cooperative activities
Symposium, parallel exhibitions and events, concurrent programs


The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee,
Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya Art Museum

Aichi Triennale
c/o International Arts Festival Section, Culture and Arts Division, Department of Community Affairs
Aichi Arts Center 6F
1-13-2 Higashisakura,
Higashi-ku, Nagoya, 461-8525
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