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Ma Yansong / MAD Architects

Light Cave. 2018
Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel Renewal Project

A lookout platform in the middle of 750m-long tunnel presents a magnificent scenery of the gorge, while the panoramic station at the end of the tunnel presents works by MAD Architects. A wondrous view of the inverted landscape of Kiyotsukyo reflected in a pool awaits visitors at the end of the tunnel.

Nakasato area

© Photo: Osamu Nakamura
Courtesy of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Echigo-Tsumari Triennale 2018 - photos

29 July - 17 September 2018, Echigo-Tsumari region, Japan. General Director: Fram Kitagawa. About 360 works by artists, architects, and performers from 44 countries unfolded over 760 square kilometers.

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