Located on the east side of the Shinano river, the area has been developed through textile industry and agriculture.


On the western side of the Shinano river. The Nakago Green Park hosts several Triennale artworks, and offers great views of the rice fields and landscape.


Hilly area along Shizumi river, extremely isolated before transportation infrastructure, and a unique agriculture facing challenging natural conditions. Hosts a large number of artworks.


Mountainous region with the Koido river on east and the Shibumi river on the west, exposed to the hardships of nature.


Area that stretches to the very south of Niigata prefecture, with the Naeba mountain (2,145 m) located on the border of Nagano prefecture.


Surrounded by the rivers Shinano, Kiyotsu, Kama, and Nana, the region has several attractions of scenic beauty.

This tour through the 6th Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale features a selection of artworks in the 6 districts of the Echigo-Tsumari Region.

The unique experience of Echigo-Tsumari is that the newly produced art projects can be visited and enjoyed alongside permanent ones from former editions.

Since the year 2000, approx. 380 artists from 35 countries and regions have participated. This year, there are 180 new artists. See the lists:
- Participants with new artworks
- All participants, incl. previous editions

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