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The Fire Theory

The Fire Theory

El Juego, 2016
Photography and video based on the celebration of a football game in May 2016 between teams composed by former adversaries: former combatants of the guerrilla and old military of the Armed Forces. The game was held in Los Quebrachos, the most devastated region during the Civil War in El Salvador, with more than 70.000 lost lives.

Ort: Museo Calderón Guardia

© Foto: Flavia Sánchez

Zentralamerikanische Biennale - Fototour

30. August - 30. September 2016, Costa Rica. Titel: Alle Leben. Generalkuratorin: Tamara Díaz Bringas; 70 Künstler und Gruppen. Veranstalter: Empresarios por el Arte.

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