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Hongjohn Lin und Tirdad Zolghadr

Kuratoren der Taipeh Biennale 2010 - Biografien

Hongjohn Lin

* 1964, lives in Taipei, Taiwan.
Artist, writer and curator, graduated from New York University with a Ph.D. in Arts and Humanities. He has participated in international exhibitions, such as the Rotterdam Film festival (2008), the Asian Triennial in Manchester (2008), and Taipei Biennale (2004). He was the curator of the exhition Atopia of the Taiwan Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007. His interest in cultural phenomena and contemporary art has driven his writings and works. His publications include Blurring Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Art in Taiwan and Writing on Locality: Synthome of Post-Contemporary Arts. In 2004, he founded the artist collective Channel A. Hongjohn Lin is currently professor at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

Project featured in UiU:

52nd Venice Biennale, 2007: Taiwan
10 June - 21 Nov. 2007. Pavilion of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Palazzo delle Prigione. Curator: Hongjohn Lin. Artists: Shih-chieh Huang, Kuo-min Lee, Huang-chen Tang, Ming-liang Tsai, VIVA.

Tirdad Zolghadr

* 1973 Tehran, Iran. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
Independent writer and curator. He writes for frieze magazine and other publications, and teaches at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York. Zolghadr recently curated the Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates at the 53nd Venice Biennale 2009, and the long-term exhibition project Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie with Nav Haq. He is one of the curatorial advisors of the Artist Pension Trust and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and editor-at-large for Cabinet magazine. Zolghadr’s first novel Softcore was published by Telegram Books in 2007 (translated into German, Italian, and French). Ongoing endeavors include an exhibition project at the Mala Galerija Ljubljana and his second novel Top Ten.

Projects featured in UiU:

53rd Venice Biennale, 2009: United Arab Emirates
7 June - 22 Nov. 2009. National pavilion, Arsenale. Curator: Tirdad Zolghadr. Artist: Lamya Gargash. Additionally, works by: Hassan Sharif, Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Ebtisam AbdulAziz, Huda Saeed Saif; Jackson Pollock Bar, Hannah Hurtzig (both Germany).

7th Sharjah Biennial, 2005
6 April - 6 June 2005, United Arab Emirates. Director: Hoor Al Qasimi. Curator: Jack Persekian. Co-curators: Ken Lum, Tirdad Zolghadr; aprox. 70 artists and groups.

(Aus Presseinformationen der Veranstalter)

Taipeh Biennale 2010

7. September -
14. November 2010

Taipeh, Taiwan

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