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Hand-painted posters

Street partying with loudspeakers introduced mobile disco and dancehall dancing in island’s routine. These celebrations were advertised through hand-painted posters that announce the dancehalls and sound systems but they were considered illegal by local authorities who used to seize and destroy them. This rich material represents visual and linguistic heritage and has been collected by Jamaican producer Maxine in the last 15 years.

Exhibition's thematic core:
Sound The System!
The true musical instrument of Jamaica

© Photo: Marina Burity, Courtesy of SESC


15 March - 26 August 2018, Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo, Brazil. Curator: Sébastien Carayol. Conceived by the Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris, produced and executed by Sesc São Paulo.

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