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Cildo Meireles

Cildo Meireles

Cildo Meireles: Entrevendo

25. September 2019 - 2. Februar 2020

Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo, Brasilien

Kuratoren: Júlia Rebouças und Diego Matos

Entrevendo von Cildo Meireles:
Das Stadium der Aufmerksamkeit herausfordern

Cildo Meireles, einer der bedeutendsten Künstler der Gegenwartskunst Brasiliens hat ab dem 25. September eine Einzelausstellung in SESC Pompeia in São Paulo. Kuratiert von Júlia Rebouças und Diego Matos werden in Entrevendo [Vorausahnend] 150 seit den 1960er Jahren entstandene Kunstwerke gezeigt, darunter sowohl bekannte als auch Arbeiten, die erstmals öffentlich zu sehen sind. Die bis Februar 2020 dauernde Ausstellung ist die größte von Meireles, die je in Lateinamerika stattgefunden hat. Sie bietet einen breiten Überblick über das vielfältige Schaffen des Künstlers mit besonderem Fokus auf dem Thema Umwelt und präsentiert vor allem Installationen.

© Foto: Courtesy Sesc São Paulo

Entrevendo, 1970/1994. Heizlüfter, Holz, Eis © Cildo Meireles. Foto: Filipe Braga

Entrevendo (1970/1994), das Werk, von dem der Titel der Ausstellung stammt, ist der Ausgangspunkt des kuratorialen Konzepts. Diese Arbeit lädt die Betrachter ein, ihren Zustand der Aufmerksamkeit zu intensivieren und sich bewusst zu werden, was aus expliziteren visuellen Visualitäten und Materialitäten entweicht. In dieser Übung der Erweiterung der Sinne zielt die Ausstellung darauf ab, Werke zu präsentieren, die als Mittel für körperliche, symbolische und kognitive Erfahrungen dienen.

© Foto: Courtesy Sesc São Paulo

Amerikkka, 1991/2013. Installation: Metallrahmen, Holz, 20.000 mit Polyurethanlack bemalte Holzeier, 70.000 Revolverkugeln © Cildo Meireles. Foto: Galerie Lelong

The selected artworks very notably include the installation Amerikkka (1991/2013), in which the work’s spatiality is compressed and abridged between two flat sheets. A lower base, bearing 20,000 small egg-shaped objects, seems to have become the target of the upper surface: a structure filled with 70,000 bullets of two calibers. Signs of this sociopolitical approach are also present in Volátil [Volatile] (1980/94), an installation in which a single candle burns down in a closed setting, atop a thick layer of ashes. While observing the single burning candle, one becomes aware of the smell of natural gas in the room. The idea of finiteness suggested by the title of the work is also present in the fleeting duration of a burning flame, prompting the spectator to reflect on the brevity of existence and the risks that surround us. In both cases, the sensation of threat and something imminent are an essential part of the experience.

© Foto: Courtesy Sesc São Paulo

Volátil, 1980/1994. Kerze, Asche und Geruch von Erdgas. © Cildo Meireles. Foto: Sesc

Works such as these allow us to observe the attention that Meireles devotes to sensorial and perceptive aspects of his projects, without neglecting the power of the political factors that define them. It should be remembered that ever since the 1960s, his investigation has been broadening the notions of conceptual art – a category always associated with his work – beyond the rationalist asepsis that generally characterizes it. In this effort, Meireles has consistently aligned physical, material and formal properties with processual attributes, always confronting them with public, economic and social mechanisms.

The artist has also focused on a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture and its reconfigurations based on the dilemmas imposed by the global market. To this end, he has drafted analyses and carried out interventions on the systems of circulation that constitute these commercial instances and their regimes of power. By dealing with the complex nature of this social material, his investigation has stoked the debate about the reorganization of borders in the contemporary context while rethinking the geopolitical scene.

© Foto: Courtesy Sesc São Paulo

Zero Real, 2013. Banknoten, Offsetdruck auf Papier. © Cildo Meireles. Foto: Pat Kilgore

It is important to mention that the artist is linked to a generation that defied the limits of the art system and became engaged in the discussion about the status of the artwork and its role in the social contexts. In this sense, Meireles’ activity is outstanding not only for its artistic inroads and multiple vocabulary. The artist is also recognized as a thinker, responsible for questioning the definition of art during the course of the institutionalization of the contemporary production, as well as for reviewing the field in which it is produced, taught, debated and put into circulation. Entrevendo therefore exercises an important historical role, by raising awareness about the production of one of the most relevant names in Brazilian artistic production and reflection.

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Foto oben: Detail of Cildo Meireles' artwork Olvido, 1987-1989. Approx. 6,000 banknotes of American countries, charcoal, 3 tons of bones, paint, 70,000 paraffin candles, sound.
© Cildo Meireles. Foto: Sophie Mutterer

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