Hala Elkoussy

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Myths and Legends Room – The Mural. 2010
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Hala Elkoussy’s work explores the history and culture of Egypt, with a particular focus on her native Cairo. Myths and Legends Room – The Mural looks at the genre of largescale wall painting as commemorative propaganda art, making reference to murals and dioramas that celebrate the history of modern Egypt. Conceived and completed a year before the start of the Egyptian Revolution, Hala Elkoussy’s piece seems to anticipate the events in Tahrir Square. Through the distillation of recent myths and legends, a more fluid and human reading of history is brought forward, in sharp contrast to what is taught in schools in Egypt and most of the Arab world.


© Foto: Haupt & Binder
© Text: SB11 Guidebook

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Hala Elkoussy: Myths and Legends Room – The Mural, 2010. Präsentation in den SAF Art Spaces.

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