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March Meeting 2013: Ausschreibung

Deadline: 30. Dezember 2012

March Meeting is an annual gathering of artists, art professionals and institutions concerned with the production and dissemination of art in the region and internationally. March Meeting 2013 will be held during the opening week of Sharjah Biennial 11 and will invite speakers to participate in a series of thematic sessions and moderated panel discussions to reflect on and contextualise the concepts addressed by the theme proposed for SB11.

Biennial Curator Yuko Hasegawa proposes a new cultural cartography, drawing Inspiration from the courtyard in Islamic architecture as a space that accumulates the memories of a local culture and facilitates the production of new knowledge through the exchanges and encounters it hosts. Hasegawa seeks to emphasise and reinforce the important role that perspective and subjectivity play in the way socio-cultural spaces, geographical landscapes and physical locales are perceived, interpreted and engaged with.

March Meeting 2013 Open Call welcomes proposals for thematically relevant presentations grounded in applicants’ areas of expertise or experience that resonate with this year's biennial concept. Selected Open Call applicants will be invited to present on March 17, join other March Meeting events from March 14-17, as well as attend the Sharjah Biennial opening on March 13.

Bewerbungen bis:
30. Dezember 2012

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March Meeting
14 - 17 März 2013

Während der Eröffnungswoche der
11. Sharjah Biennale
13. März - 13. Mai 2013

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

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