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Poetics of resistance

Kuratoriales Statement von Silvio De Gracia

The title of the first edition of POSVERSO – I International Biennial of Experimental Poetry of Argentina – attempts to situate experimental poetic practices in an unusual, controversial and deeply dispersive territory. Going against the marginal or peripheral character that historically falls on this type of practices, POSVERSO is proposed as a platform from which experimental poetry, in its multiple displacements, is called to influence the cultural dispute by supporting critical and divergent discursivities.

In the scenario of the dystopian landscapes of our contemporary society, thinking of poetry no longer as a simple aesthetic exercise, but as a critical and political tool implies approaching the experimental in a situated and contextual dimension. Thus, under the name of poetics of resistance we could encompass all those manifestations in which the experimental desire and concern for the socio-political context are effectively combined. In this sense, POSVERSO is conceived as an appeal to those artists who demonstrate a desire to distance themselves from pure formal variations, to venture, on the contrary, to achieve a poetics that enhances critical signs, and that enables reading conditions that dialogue with immediate reality.

Experimental poetry is not an aseptic or alienated language, but a language that, as the Mexican poet César Espinosa stated, is made of “corrosive signs.” In the case of Latin America, starting in the 1970s, the practice of experimental poetry took on an eminently political character, which not only aimed at the creation of new forms of reading and writing, but also at the diversion and subversion of the normalized discourses of dictatorial contexts. Here are included the proposals of historical poets such as Clemente Padín, Edgardo Antonio Vigo or Guillermo Deisler, but also of other creators who, without registering within the specific field of experimental poetry, develop practices in which they seek to renew artistic repertoires, to the time to transform or challenge social and political conditions. POSVERSO takes up this tradition of an experimental poetic current, which is connected to scenarios of confrontation and resistance, and which is oriented towards the construction of other meanings, other narratives, other ways of inhabiting the world.

For POSVERSO, experimental poetry is an inexhaustible field in which games with words and various writing signs are exceeded, to drift towards forms of intersemiotic translation, in which verbal signs are transmuted or transferred to non-verbal signs, or from one system of signs to another; for example, from verbal writing to music, dance, painting, video. This intersemiotic character is what links experimental poetry with the approaches of the conceptualist movement, especially with the proposal of the Fluxus Art intermedias developed by Dick Higgins. Poetry is everything. Hybridizations, crossings, translations configure the productive matrix of a series of poetic processes, whose realizations can be found not only in the field of experimental poetry, but within the expanded horizons of the visual arts, music, performance, video.

What can the poetics of resistance tell us today? What are the media and discourses that are deployed to influence the convulsed world we inhabit? To what aspects of our reality is this resistance directed? For Deleuze to think is to resist, and thought is a set of forces that resists death. In our contemporary world, death has multiple faces: forced migrations, wars, poverty, hunger, climate change, inequality of the capitalist system, propagation and rise of far-right political forces. What can poetry do in the face of all this?

POSVERSO calls on experimental poets, visual artists, musicians, sound artists, performers, to create a biennial that, to the realized utopia of obligatory happiness and the constant noise of capitalism, opposes a counter-utopia of overflow and rebellion.

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1. Internationale Biennale für experimentelle Poesie von Argentinien

18. Oktober - 20. Dezember 2024

Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Titel: Poetics of Resistance

Gesamtleitung: Silvio De Gracia
Künstlerische Leitung: Ana Montenegro

Kuratoriales Team: Silvio De Gracia, Juan Montelpare, Ana Montenegro, Claudia Kozak

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