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Internationale Biennale für experimentelle Poesie von Argentinien

Über die POSVERSO Biennale

POSVERSO is a biennial focused on the multiple practices of intersemiotic poetry, which is generated from Hotel DaDA Base de Arte Correo y Poesía Experimental, in the city of Junín, in the northwestern region of the Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

The term pós-verso comes from a theoretical development by the Brazilian poet Omar Khouri, who coined it to refer to the manifestations of Brazilian poetry starting in the 1970s, and especially to the groups centered around the magazines Navilouca, Pólen, Código and Artéria. According to Khouri's ideas, the poetry of the post-verso era, which does not exclude the practice of conventional verse, has the distinctive character of migrating from one medium to another, using various codes for its “transmutation” or intersemiotic translation. The POSVERSO BIENNIAL takes up this concept that underpins the existence of an expanded poetry, intensely marked by its hybrid and migrant nature, but seeks to take it to a new level of transgression. Today poetry is not a territory restricted to poets, verbal or experimental, but rather a fluctuating and dispersive zone in which creators move who, in an incessant and cumulative manner, promote intersignal overflows between different arts.

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Bienal Internacional de Poesía Experimental de Argentina

Hotel DaDA
Base de Arte Correo y Poesía Experimental
Chávez 69, Junín (6000), Buenos Aires, Argentinien
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