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Philagrafika was conceived as international festival in Philadelphia that celebrates the role of print as a vital force in contemporary art.

The festival is an initiative of the Philagrafika organization, founded in 2000, formerly known as the Philadelphia Print Collaborative. Philagrafika's mission is to promote and sustain printmaking as a vital and valued art form by providing artistic, programmatic and administrative leadership for large-scale, cooperative initiatives with broad public exposure. Philagrafika builds upon the Philadelphia region's rich printmaking history and abundant artistic resources to enhance the city's presence as an international center for innovative printmaking.

Philagrafika 2010 is the first presentation of this triennial event offering national, regional, and international audiences the opportunity to see contemporary art that references printmaking in dynamic, unexpected ways and to experience Philadelphia’s rich cultural life in the process.

(From press information of the organizers)

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