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Samira Badran: Memory of the Land

Erstmals in der arabischen Welt wird Badrans neues animiertes Video "Memory of the Land" in Darat al Funun präsentiert, 10. Okt. 2017 – 11. Jan. 2018.
Nov 2017

Featured for the first time in the Arab World, Samira Badran’s new animated movie Memory of the Land (2017) is on display at Darat al Funun, together with a selection of pre-production sketches, photographs, and video scenes. Memory of the Land presents an artistic and distressing vision of the human condition under the yoke of different forms of violence, and of collective memory and identity as forms of resilience.

Set in Palestine, the film follows the journey of the main character trapped at a checkpoint - an essential mechanism of the Israeli occupation - looking for a way out of reality, while its body is pierced by structural and physical violence, aggressive and arbitrary, preventing free movement and attacking its existence.

Mirroring and complementing the diversity of artistic techniques used by Badran (acrylic paint on paper, collage, ink drawing, pencil drawing, manual interventions on photography, and various animation techniques), sound and language play an important role in the film’s narrative. It is used poetically as a tool for dialogue and reflection on the one hand, while the checkpoint military orders are represented by an invented language expressing aggressive sounds of violence.

Memory of the Land (2017)
12:50 Min.
Regie und künstlerische Leitung: Samira Badran.
Drehbuch: Samira Badran und Oriol Martin Gual.
Ko-produziert von Jaume Serra.
Leitung der Animation, Schnitt und Nachbearbeitung: Oriol Martin Gual.
3D-Animation: Pol Cayuela Rull und Àlex Guitart.
Sound-Design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos.
Poem von Mireia Calafell.
Erdachte Sprache geschaffen und dargeboten von Yolanda Cañardo.

© Presseinformation
© Abbildungen: Courtesy Samira Badran und Darat al Funun, Amman

Samira Badran:
Memory of the Land

10. Oktober 2017 - 11. Januar 2018

Animierter Film, vorbereitende Skizzen, Fotografien, Videoszenen

Ort: Blue House

Darat al Funun

The Khalid Shoman Foundation

13 Nadeem al Mallah St.
Jabal al Weibdeh

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