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Valletta 2018: Ausschreibung für Kuratoren

Valletta (Malta) ist Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 2018. Es werden Kuratoren für die Ausstellung \"Das Meer - unser Nachbar\" gesucht, 400.000 Euro Budget. Deadline: 25. April 2016
Apr 2016

The Valletta 2018 Foundation has launched an international call for the engagement of a curator or a curatorial team for a high-profile multi-site exhibition and cultural project within Valletta and around Malta and Gozo. The working title of this multi-site exhibition and cultural project shall be ‘The Sea – Our Neighbour”.

The project shall be one of the keystones of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme and will be the opening exhibition of Valletta’s European Capital of Culture year. It shall be inaugurated in January 2018 and run for a period of three to four months.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is seeking proposals from curators or curatorial teams with an international track record to curate this project. Expressions of interest can be submitted in the form of a concept proposal.

The budget allocation for this project shall be Eur 400,000 to include all aspects and facets of the project. This amount shall also include curatorial fees. Additional funding may be sourced through third-party sponsorship as required.

Deadline: 25 April 2016

More information:

(Aus Presseinformationen)

Valletta (Malta) ist Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 2018

Kuratoren für die Ausstellung "Das Meer - unser Nachbar" gesucht. Budget: 400.000 Euro

Deadline: 25. April 2016

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