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RAW Academy: Ausschreibung

Aufenthaltsprogramm in Dakar, Senegal, für künstlerische und kuratoriale Reflexion und Praxis. Rasha Salti leitet die 1. Veranstaltungsreihe. Bewerbungen bis zum 3. Juli 2016.
Jun 2016

RAW Academy is a residential experimental study programme for artistic and curatorial thought and practice inquiry of eight weeks in Dakar. It is dedicated to a lively reflection on artistic research, curatorial practice and critical writing.

RAW Academy exposes participating fellows and Lead Faculty to the contemporary critical and dynamic artistic environment of Dakar as well as its history, while providing them with a free space for exploration, investigation, research and production of their own ideas. The programme is designed to promote intense exchange and continuous dialogue organized around public and closed sessions that include seminars, presentations, research and practice time, and visits of cultural institutions. Exhibitions and publications will be elaborated within this context for production and execution at a later stage.

The academy is held during two distinctive sessions per year; October-December and April-June. Each session is directed by a Lead Faculty that has displayed an off-the-beaten-paths practice in regards to artistic, curatorial and critical imagination. Session 1 will be led by Beirut based independent curator and critic Rasha Salti. It will take place from October 24-December 11, 2016.

Session 1: Hunger Incorporated
This session proposes to engage critically with the present-day global neoliberal regime of production of excesses and conditions of extremeness, with a focus on the realities at play on the African continent while using the economies of natural resources as its investigative thread. "Hunger Incorporated" refers to the right to basic sustenance and the threat of lack of access to nutrition, the hunger for resources resulting from exponential economic growth, hunger as a constant craving and the relentless inability for satiation, hunger as blind ambition, hunger as the impetus for compensating a lack or lag, hunger as compulsive accumulation and the stand-in for utopia, and hunger as one the allegorical and sublimated manifestations of anxiety. It also refers to the market-driven economic regime's systemic production of needs, conditioning and control within the logic of neo-liberal capital, from the anxiety of the quotidian relationship to the real, to the looming superlative promise of dystopia. While economies of extraction, processing and transport of oil, coal, metals and minerals have been the constitutional marrow of 20th and 21st century capitalism, their economies have been notably abstracted from visibility, representation and narrative, rigs and mines are often cordoned with stringent policing. Session 1 will plumb this constellation of questions, themes and representations through a series of seminars, presentations, curatorial research, artistic productions, critical writing, film screenings and exhibition reviews. Contributing faculty include filmmakers Newton Aduaka, Ghassan Salhab and Carine Doumit, artists Ursula Biemann and Alfredo Jaar, and art historian Patricia Falguiéres.
About Rasha Salti :
Rasha Salti is a independent film and visual arts curator and writer. She is a programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) since february 2011. Her essays have appeared in publications such as Afterall, The London Review of Books, and Naqd. In co-curation with Koyo Kouoh, Salti is working on Saving Bruce Lee: African and Arab Cinema in the Era of Soviet Cultural Diplomacy, a research, exhibition and publication project to be held accross multiple institutions in late 2017. She lives and works in Beirut (Lebanon).
1. Successful applicants are required to commit to be in Dakar throughout the duration of the session; arriving no later than a day before the beginning and departing no earlier than a day after the end.
2. Be a graduate of an art school, curatorial programme, architecture school or any department of humanities.
3. Be fluent in either French or English and have a fair knowledge of the other.
8 to 10 participants are selected for each session.
Deadline: 3 July 2016

For more informations and online application:
Eva Barois De Caevel

(From press information)

Aufenthaltsprogramm in Dakar, Senegal, für künstlerische und kuratoriale Reflexion und Praxis. Rasha Salti leitet die 1. Veranstaltungsreihe.

Bewerbungen bis zum 3. Juli 2016.

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