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Central-Asian Journal of Art Studies

Beiträge, Vortragstexte, Rezensionen für das Journal können vorgeschlagen werden bis 1. März und bis 1. Juni 2016.
Feb 2016

The editors of the Central Asian Journal of Art Studies (CAJAS) call for submission of manuscripts of original research papers and articles for publication.

CAJAS publishes papers of original research, theoretical articles, and substantive reviews of topics central to Arts (theater, cinema, music, visual and decorative arts, architecture, contemporary art), Art Studies (history, theory, art criticism), Higher Education in Art studies (art pedagogics and innovations), Art in Social Humanity and Philosophy Sciences.

The journal is published quarterly and is peer-reviewed. The editors plan to publish both regular and thematic/special issues. Each issue includes: research articles, results of research/studies and reviews for books, exhibitions, performances, films etc. CAJAS’s aim is to provide a platform to exchange ideas on new emerging trends that need more focus and boost and will consider proposals that strengthen our goals.

Prospective authors, scholars, art-critics, instructors of universities and colleges, postgraduates and undergraduates students of universities as well (undergraduates can submit as coauthors with research advisers) are invited to contribute to the publication.


Review and Publication Process:
After submission of the manuscript/paper, the author(s) will be informed as soon as possible by the editorial team regarding its standing. Once the paper passes the double-blind review it will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal.
Deadlines to submit papers:
1 January
1 March
1 June
1 September
Date of publication:
19th of January
19th of March
19th of June
19th of September
More information and submissions:

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Central Asian Journal of Art Studies

Т. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts

Gesucht werden Beiträge, Vortragstexte und Rezensionen von Büchern, Ausstellungen, Performances, Filmen.

Nächste Deadlines:
1. März und 1. Juni 2016

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