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Cairo Video Festival - Ausschreibung

Medrar for Contemporary Art sucht Videoprojekte und experimentelle Filme von jungen Kunstschaffenden. Deadline: 30 Sept. 2016
Sep 2016

Medrar for Contemporary Art is accepting applications for the 8th Cairo Video Festival, which will take place in February, 2017.

Initiated by the Cairo-based artist initiative Medrar for Contemporary Art in 2005, this festival continues its focus on providing a platform for sharing and discussing newly produced high concept/low-budget experimental videos and films.

Based on a call for works by emerging artists, the festival program takes the format of a concise series of video screenings, accompanied by talks and discussions with active video-makers and curators to tackle some of the key themes and issues presented in the works.


30 September 2016


More information and application guidelines:

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