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Africa Centre Residency programme

Stipendien für afrikanische Kunstschaffende, in Zusammenarbeit mit Aufenthaltsprogrammen in verschiedenen Ländern. Deadline: 14. Oktober. 2016
Sep 2016

The Africa Centre’s Artist in Residency Programme (AIR) programme has been designed to support and celebrate the achievements of artists from Africa who are provocative, innovative and highly engaged, both with social issues and their art forms. AIR works in partnership with residencies throughout the world to identify African artists and fund their airfare to the residency.

AIR partners with existing artist in residency programmes around the globe to award exceptional African artists with the opportunity to take up a short-term residency to focus on consolidating their work and developing new projects. Each residency partner selects one artist from a shortlist provided by the Africa Centre, following a continent-wide call for submissions. The costs of the residency and a round-trip airfare are included in each award.

The residencies are available to all forms of artistic expression and types of artists, but each residency differs in terms of duration, structure and requirements. Since its inception in 2011, AIR has funded 19 African artists to attend residencies in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Finland, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and the USA.


Deadline extended:
14 October 2016


More information and application guidelines:

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