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ARTifariti 2016 / AFTER THE FUTURE

Internationales Treffen für Kunst- und Menschenrechte in der Westsahara. Interessenten können sich mit Projektvorschlägen bis zum 31. Mai 2016 bewerben.
Apr 2016

ARTifariti began 10 years ago with the intention of using Contemporary Arts as a tool to support the Sahrawi population in their resistance against the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco.

ARTifariti takes place annually in Sahrawi camps located in Algeria, joining local and foreign artists to create a space where they can work with artistic creations towards a solution of a conflict with more than 40 years of history.

ARTifariti affects the conflict in various ways: disseminating the Western Sahara occupation problem through the participation of artists from different countries, promoting projects with the collaboration of Sahrawi groups who support their life style and their resistance and developing a thought.

As every year, ARTifariti is opening a new call for participants of any nationality to carry out artistic projects in the Western Sahara context. The selected group of artists will spend 15 days with creative people and other collaborators in the Sahrawi refugee camps located in Algeria. They will have the support of the local community for the completion of their projects.
The International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara are an opportunity to develop a dialogue and a living space, through artistic practices, for the resolution of an international conflict which is lasting for more than 4 decades.


The tenth edition of ARTifariti will be held in 2016, which is the 25th anniversary of the sign of the cease-fire. This is a key date to understand the evolution of the conflict between Western Sahara and Morocco.

After the end of the military conflict, more than two long decades of complex diplomatic struggle has not lead to a clear progress. During these 25 years, the biggest evolution has been seen on the day to day on the camps where Sahrawi people are refugees and on the occupied zone. Since 1991 a new Sahrawi generation has grown in these territories with an uncertain future. Some of these young people have managed to travel abroad to study and get ready for a future which seems further and further away. This is a frustrated generation, defined by precariousness and anxiety.

ARTifariti 2016 starts from our personal experience. Half of us belong to the same generation of the young Sahrawi born after the cease-fire. And despite of our position in a privileged Europe, we are not optimistic with the future. It is a desolated place razed by a brutal capitalism. We believe we cannot stay in the Sahrawi camps without perceiving at the same time both sides of an unresolved colonial conflict.

We don’t think we have the right or capacity to save the Sahrawi People. All we want to achieve is to build reciprocal communities to help each other: post-colonial communities that will be born from precariousness.


The participation in ARTifariti 2016 is open to artists of any field. Anyone interested in contributing projects related to Human Rights, post-colonial conflicts, Sahrawi conflict, or any other aspect related to this edition born with the title “After the Future”.

There are no limitations of age or nationality.


Artists or any person or collective interested in participate should send their proposal to the ARTifariti organization (artifariti2016@gmail.com) before May 31st 2016 to be assessed by the curatorial team.

The proposal should be a pdf file of up to 25 MB that includes information related to the proposal and a short biography. Proposals can be submitted in Spanish or English.


The selection of the projects will take place during the reception of the proposals and untill two weeks later (June 14th). After that an invitation letter will be sent so that the artist is able to look for funding for his/her participation. 10 to 20 proposals will be selected.

The selection will be done by a jury formed with: Charo Romero Donaire, Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal, Mudleila Bujari, Walad Mohamed (curators of ARTifariti 2016); Fernando Peraita (President of the Association of Friends of the Sahrawi People of Seville) and Edi Escobar (journalist and activist of the Sahrawi cause).


After the acceptance of the proposal, it will be necessary to do the inscription in ARTifariti 2016.

The inscription fee is 750€ and it includes:

- Inscription on the X International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara

- Two way regular flight Madrid-Argel-Tinduf (departure from Madrid Barajas airport)

- Visa and insurance

- Food and lodgement with families

There is also an alternative option for the participants that want to arrange by themselves the flight, visa and insurance from the country of origin. In those cases, the cost (including inscription, food and lodgement) is 250€.

To complete the inscription it will be necessary to send:

- Copy of passport (validity has to be longer than 6 months)

- Visa request form properly filled and signed (2 copies). These documents will be sent to participants.
(Download online: www.algerianembassy.org/forms/algeriadcvisa.pdf)
- A recent photo


ARTifariti 2016 is open to any person interested in participate attending to the event or collaborators. Those people who want to attend without performing a project can send a motivation letter with the reasons why they want to attend ARTifariti 2016 to the email address artifariti2016@gmail.com.

More information:

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ARTifariti 2016
Internationales Treffen für Kunst- und Menschenrechte in der Westsahara.

29. Oktober - 12. November 2016

Wilaya of Boujdour
Sahrawi Refugee Camps

Interessenten können sich mit Projektvorschlägen bis zum 31. Mai 2016 bewerben.

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