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CIMAM 2015 Reisestipendien

Für Kuratoren und Leiter von Museen u. Sammlungen zur Teilnahme an der CIMAM Konferenz in Tokio, 7. - 9. Nov. 2015. Deadline: 15. Juli 2015.
Jul 2015

Thanks to the generous support of the Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, the Fundación Cisneros/Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, and the Gwangju Biennale Foundation, CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) offers 24 grants to support the attendance of modern and contemporary art curators and museum or collection directors to CIMAM’s 2015 Annual Conference that will be held in Tokyo, 7–9 November 2015. Grants are restricted to modern and contemporary art curators and museum or collection directors in need of financial help to attend CIMAM’s Annual Conference.

The support is limited to cover conference registration, travel expenses (round trip economy tickets only) and accommodation in one of the hotels recommended by CIMAM. Distribution of funds is set on a case-by-case basis for each recipient. Funds are exclusively related to support the purpose for which the grant has been awarded.

Candidates are invited to complete an online application form and include a CV and short biography, a motivation statement and two letters of recommendation by professionals or scholars who are familiar with the candidate’s qualifications.

Deadline to submit applications is:
Wednesday 15 July 2015 24:00 CET.

Check the eligibility criteria and purpose of the grant at:

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CIMAM 2015 Jahreskonferenz

How Global can Museums be?

Tokio, 7. - 9. November 2015

24 Stipendien für Kuratoren und Leiter von Museen oder Sammlungen für die Teilnahme an der CIMAM Jahreskonferenz

Bewerbungen bis 15. Juli 2015

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