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Live, Love, Limbo

Über Exil und die Befindlichkeiten derjenigen, die ihre Heimat verloren haben. Fotografien von Natalie Naccache, Libanon, und Omar Imam, Syrien. 10. - 20. Sept. 2015, Photoville, New York.
Aug 2015

Der Arab Fund for Arts and Culture kooperiert mit der Magnum Stiftung bei der Präsentation von Live, Love, Limbo, einer Ausstellung fotografischer Arbeiten von Natalie Naccache (Libanon) und Omar Imam (Syrien) in Photoville, New York City, vom 10. bis 20. September 2015. Am 21. September sprechen die beiden Fotografen in der Galerie und Buchhandlung der Aperture Foundation über ihre Projekte.

Die Schau ist Teil der AFAC Cultural Week mit dem Titel Uncover, Discover, Recover - Narratives from a Region in Transformation, die vom 20. bis 26. September 2015 in New York stattfindet. Siehe das Gesamtprogramm.

Omar Imam mit Live Love Refugee und Natalie Naccache mit Our Limbo beschäftigen sich mit den Träumen und Ängsten syrischer Flüchtlinge, die sich danach sehnen, in ihr Land zurückzukehren. Sie vermitteln zwei sehr eigene und kraftvolle Sichtweisen des Exils und der inneren Befindlichkeiten derjenigen, die ihr Zuhause verloren haben.

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und Statements der Künstler
Omar Imam is a Syrian photographer and filmmaker based in Beirut. Since 2003, his work has been largely personal and oriented around social campaigns in Syria. Since the Syrian uprising in march 2011, he has been using ironic conceptual photography as a reaction to violence, often publishing under a pseudonym. After leaving Damascus in late 2012, he started making fictional short films focussing on the issue of Syrian refugees. Individually or with NGOs, he has created films, photography projects, as well as workshops with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. He obtained a degree in accounting from the Commercial Institute in Damascus in 2001.

Natalie Naccache is a Lebanese-British photojournalist based between Beirut and Dubai. Having grown up to Lebanese parents in London, her work challenges preconceived ideas of the Middle East in today’s society. Her photographs have been published in various international publications such as the New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, D la Repubblica, The Independent, Monocle, The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, and Marie Claire. Naccache holds a BA Photojournalism degree from London College of Communication and a Diploma of Art Foundation from Camberwell College of Arts, London.

Following the exhibition of their photographic work, Natalie Naccache and Omar Imam will give a talk on their projects. Naccahe’s Our Limbo takes a look at Syrian families that have relocated and are now living in the middle/higher-class neighborhoods of Beirut. Imam’s Live, Love, Refugee is a series of photographs documenting the worlds of couples from Syria: how have war, revolution and displacement affected intimate relationships between men and women? The essay includes documentary and fictional photographs based on the lives of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Imam and Naccache are part of the first cohort of grantees from the Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP), an initiative that provides support and mentorship to photographers from across the Arab region. AFAC, in partnership with Magnum Foundation and the Prince Claus Fund, established the ADPP to stimulate compelling work by Arab photographers working across a range of experimental styles of storytelling.

The 4th annual Photoville festival takes place in Brooklyn Bridge Park and will feature over 70 exhibitions inside and outside of shipping containers as well as over 30 talks and workshops in various venues.

10. - 20. September 2015 | Photoville
Fotoausstellung von Omar Imam und Natalie Naccache
Die Künstler sind am 20. September anwesend.
21. September I 19:00 | Aperture
Gepsräch mit Imam und Naccache über ihre Projekte
Weitere Informationen:
Salim Tannous, Communications and Development AFAC

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Live, Love, Limbo

Fotografien von
Natalie Naccache (Libanon)
Omar Imam (Syrien)

10. - 20. September 2015

4. Photoville Festival
New York City

Teil der Kulturwoche von AFAC
in New York 2015

Uncover, Discover, Recover - Narratives from a Region in Transformation
20. - 26. September 2015


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