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Einzelschau auf der Volta11 Basel,
Stand C07, 15. - 20. Juni 2015

Präsentiert von
Zilberman Gallery
İstiklal Cad. 163 K.2 & 3
D. 5 & 10 Beyoglu
34433 / Istanbul
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Extrastruggle's presentation focuses on two deadly issues: the notorious Diyarbakır Prison, one of the worst prisons in the world according to The Times, known for its practice of torture on its inmates after the military coup of 1980, and the fact that there is still no National Slavery Museum in the United States in 2015.

Using the pseudonym "Extrastruggle", artist Memed Erdener searches for conscience in people’s genocide of animals, people and gods. The works under the heading "I don't remember" hate the monotheist God, miss the forgotten ones, look for the mystery in the world of extinct animals and typography. The works try to look at letters of the alphabet like an illiterate person from the Middle Ages looking at the pages of the holy scripture. These letters which cannot be read at once and require time to be understood offer us an opportunity of contemplation.

The work that contains the phrase "I will drill your womb so you cannot bring more bastards into the world"- spoken by a torturer at the Diyarbakır Prison towards female inmates- is today an "object of contemplation" as Susan Sontag states in her book "Regarding the Pain of Others". This typography suggests a method of looking at and reading others' pain. Letters have peculiar aesthetics, but their main reason for invention is to calm and slow down today's gluttonous viewers.

(Text der Galeri Zilberman zu den auf der Volta11 Basel präsentierten Werken)


Eine Bewegung des Culture Jamming und künstlerischer Intervention, ein politischer und Kunst-Performer in Istanbul. Ausstellung, Volta11 Basel.

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