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U40 Arabesque Call

Call for Young Cultural Change Makers from the Arab Region for a workshop to take place in Jordan 13 - 17 Oct. 2014, organized and funded by the German Commission for UNESCO. Deadline: 5 Sept. 2014.
Aug 2014

In the framework of its programme CONNEXXIONS, the German Commission for UNESCO is offering a platform to create a self-organised regional network on cultural policies and cooperation for cultural change. This invitation is addressed to young cultural experts coming from Arab countries in transformation processes.

The “U40 Arabesque” network aims at being a forum to advocate for cultural participation, to create strategic partnerships and self-organisation of civil society actors in the cultural field, to position young experts and their work into a wider context of international cultural policies and to exchange information, knowledge and practices in the field of promoting cultural diversity.

The kick-off of this process is a workshop to take place in Jordan from 13 to 17 October 2014, organised by the German Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with AlBalad Theatre.

“U40 Arabesque” is part of the global U40 Network “Cultural Diversity 2030”, a network of young experts from all over the world. The U40 Network is an independent civil society actor and gives a voice to young experts (under 40) in the implementation and promotion of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. It represents a concrete step towards the implementation of the Convention, by stimulating debates and ideas to better formulate cultural policies for cultural diversity throughout the world. As a platform for capacity building, innovative ideas, information, and knowledge sharing, the network aims to foster a better understanding and implementation of the Convention.

CONNEXXIONS is a project of the German Transformation Partnership, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. It aims at strengthening democracy and cultural participation in the Arab region. CONNEXXIONS is supporting the social, political and cultural transformation processes in the region through capacity building, exchange of experiences, knowledge transfer and networking.

Application deadline:
5 September 2014
More information and application forms:

(From press information)

Network on Cultural Policies and Cooperation for Cultural Change

Capacity Shaping Workshop & Network for Young Experts from the Arab Region

Kick-off from 13 to 17 October 2014, Jordan

Deadline for application to participate:
5 September 2014

The German Commission for UNESCO covers the travel costs, the complete board and lodging during the stay in Jordan (including visa fees, where applicable) for a maximum of 17 people coming from Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Libya and up to 10 people from Jordan. Working languages are Arab and English.

Interested candidates from other Arab countries than those mentioned are warmly welcomed, too.

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