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Syrian Cultural Caravan

In solidarity with the Syrian people. On tour July - August 2014 passing through several European cities.
Aug 2014


At the initiative of Syrian-European intellectuals and associations, a cultural caravan entitled "Freedom for the Syrian People" is on tour until the end of August passing through cities in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

Artists of all disciplines participate in the caravan including visual artists, actors, musicians, filmmakers, writers (See the list below). At each stage and as far as possible, an activity is organized – an exhibition, a concert, a street performance, a debate, a film showing.

The costs are covered by the individual participants and through donations received. This caravan is open to all, individuals and associations, who wish to show their solidarity with the Syrian people.

To join for participation or support, contact:
Mohamad Al Roumi
More information:

12 July, Departure from Paris
15 July, Fons-sur-Lussan (Gard)
16 July, Lussan (Gard)
17-18 July, Mèze
19 July, Avignon
20-21-22 July, Aix-Marseille (21 at Mucem Marseille)
23 July, Bonnieux
24-25 July, Festival La Belle Rouge (Puy-de-Dôme)
26-28 July, Lyon
1 Agust, Milan (Italy)
7-12 Agust, Berlin (Germany)
13-20 Agust, Zurich (Switzerland)
21-24 Agust, Strasbourg (France)
27-28 Agust, Metz
30-31 Agust, Brussels (Belgium) returning to Paris

Ahmad Ali, artist (Syria, France)
Mounif Ajaj, artist (Syria, France)
Jaber Al Azmeh, photographer (Syria, Qatar)
Ammar Abdrabbo, photographer (Syria, France)
Tammam Azzam, artist (Syria)
Florence Aubin, artist (France)
Walaa Dakak, artist (Syria, France)
Assem Al Bacha, artist (Spain-Syria)
Ernest Pignon-Ernest, artist (France)
Bernard Gortais, artist (France)
Bahram Hajou, artist (Syria, Germany)
Firas Jabakhnji, artist (Syria, France)
Khaled Jaramani, musician (Syria)
Mohanad Jaramani, musician (Syria)
Darina Al Joundi, actress, director (Syria, Lebanon, France)
Rami Hassoun, dancer, choreographer, video maker (Syria, France)
Ali Kaaf, artist (Syria, Germany)
Ahmad Kadour, artist (Syria, France)
Khaled Al Khani, artist (Syria)
Maram Al Masri, poet (Syria, France)
Mohamad Omran, artist (Syria, France)
Hala Omran, actress (Syria, France)
Walid Al Masri, artist (Syria, France)
Meyar Al Roumi, filmmaker (Syria, France)
Mohamad Al Roumi, photographer (Syria, France)
Rafif Rifaï, artist (Syria, France)
May Sefan, actress (Syria, Germany)
Catherine et Vincent, composer (France)
Shenja Wetlowa-Jahn, actress (Russie)
Samar Yazbek, writer (Syria)
Khouloud Al Zghayare, artist (Syria, France)

(From press information)

Syrian Cultural Caravan
Freedom for the Syrian People

On tour 12 July - 31 August 2014
passing through several European cities

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