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Digital Marrakech Festival 2014

Bewerbungen: Filme, Dokumentationen, experimentelle Filme, Videokunst und -installationen, digitale Kunst. Deadline: 25. Sept. 2014
Aug 2014

Digital Marrakech Festival is launching a call for works submission to its 4th edition, which will take place in Marrakech, 26-27-28 November 2014. Organized by the Arab Media Lab project, the festival continues its mission in strengthening media arts platforms in Morocco and The Arab world, from experimental films, to films d´auteurs, creative documentary, video art, digital art and digital cinema, video installations.

Organizations, curators and art and cinema associations are encouraged to send us their proposals and suggest works and debates.

The main theme of this year is: RE-MAPPING of the Media Art happenings and digital art practices in the Arab world, and The role of the digital technologies in an ever-changing and dynamic Arab World creativity.

Guidelines and conditions

The submission of the application form designates the acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation in the Festival, and a declaration that the applicant holds all rights to the submitted material or has the permission of the legal owner of the rights to the submitted material (pictures, sounds, texts).

All works should have English subtitels

Individuals, groups, curators or Cinema associations are invited to participate.

The Author can submit more than one work

The festival is screening all genres, from films, creative documentaries, experimental films, video art, digital art and cinema, video installations…

All films,videos, and other genres should be produced after 2012.

Commercial films are not accepted

The festival does neither offers screening fees, nor does it request any entry charges from applicants.

A committee appointed by the festival will make the selection.

All works submitted will be included in the festival's video archive

All applicants will be notified of the status of their applications via email by 15 october 2014.

Application deadline:
25 September 2014
More information and online submissions:

(Aus Presseinformationen)

Aufruf zur Einreichung von Filmen, kreativen Dokumentationen, experimentellen Filmen, Videokunst, digitaler Kunst und Kino, Videoinstallationen.

Deadline: 25. September 2014

Das Festival findet von 26. bis 28. November 2014 in Marrakesch statt.

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A Taleb Cherche Midi S.A.R.L project

Boite postale 705
Poste principale, Guéliz
40000, Marrakech

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