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Prince Claus Fund: Culture in Defiance

Ausschreibung der Prinz-Claus-Stiftung für Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika: Projekte für die Freiheit der Rede und des Denkens. Deadline: 28. Feb. 2014.
Feb 2014

The Prince Claus Fund believes that culture has the power to stimulate change. Arts and cultural expression are powerful engines for non-violent resistance and open dialogue, where artists and critical thinkers are important witnesses in the conflicts of today and can raise awareness about the need for development and peace.

The Culture in Defiance call is aimed at projects that strive for positive change by creating opportunities of freedom of speech and thought. It is focused on promoting art and culture that seek to re-imagine possibilities, by creating a space for dialogue, critical thinking and impact in their societies.

The Prince Claus Fund supports through this call projects that strive for transformation of different realities. It seeks creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity, supporting projects with an average grant of 15.000 Euros. The Prince Claus Fund invites all parties working in the cultural and artistic spheres in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean to send their project proposals regardless of age, years of experience, nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other factor. This includes individuals and organisations concerned with culture and development.

28. Februar 2014
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Die Prinz-Claus-Stiftung ruft Kunstschaffende aus Afrika, Asien, Lateinamerika und der Karibik zur Einreichung von Projekten auf, die Möglichkeiten für die Freiheit der Rede und des Denkens schaffen.

Deadline: 28. Februar 2014

Prince Claus Fund

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