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Training fellowship for cultural managers from the Arab world 2014

The Goethe-Institut offers a six-week training fellowship in Germany to members of cultural institutions from the Arab world. Deadline: 10 May 2014.
Apr 2014

Organizing festivals, planning exhibitions, monitoring budgets and launching advertising campaigns: cultural managers shape the cultural scenes in the Arab world. While responsibilities expand, practical experience alone is not always sufficient for success.

For this reason, in September and October the Goethe-Institut is offering a six-week cultural management training for members of cultural institutions from the Arab world for the fourth time since 2011. In this training, practical examples are presented by experts from theory and practice and discussed in dialogue with the participants from Morocco, Egypt or Iraq. The seminar language is English.

The four-week seminar phase in Berlin and other German cities is followed by individual cultural manager residencies at member institutions of the KulturpartnerNetzwerk of the Goethe-Institut (all over Germany).

The programme aims at professionalizing Arab cultural workers, developing a sustainable pan-Arabian network between cultural institutions and promoting cooperation between Arab and German cultural institutions.

Participants will be selected by the relevant Goethe-Instituts in North Africa / Middle East (e.g. Goethe-Institut in Tunis for participants from Tunisia). The programme is designed for up to 15 employees from cultural institutions in the Arab world (e.g. curators, museum workers, festival organizers, gallery owners, theatre professionals) as well as freelancers in the cultural sector.

Participants of the cultural management training in 2013:
“The intense workshops geared me up with a set of new skills and a wide network, that I am planning to cooperate with in my home country doing cultural projects.”
“The programme was rich and very helpful - particularly in terms of planning, marketing and strategic management.”
Requirements for participation:
Countries of origin of participants: Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Gulf States, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia
- Professional experience: At least three years
- Age: 25-35 years
- Very good knowledge of English
Seminar contents:
- Introduction to cultural management and cultural policy
- Strategic management/Project management
- Cultural marketing
- Audience development
- Press work/Public relations
- Presentation, communication, moderation
- Cultural funding
- Evaluation
Services offered by the Goethe-Institut:
- Meeting the costs for airfare, insurance and accommodation expenses and an allowance for the duration of the stay in Germany.
- Four-week seminar programme
- Support finding a two-week cultural manager residency with a German cultural institution
- Project development fund for which participants can apply following the course
Application deadline: 10 May 2014
Completed online form
Telephone interview in English
A project of the Goethe-Institut within the German-Egyptian-Tunisian Transformation Partnership. Partner: Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy).

Ahmed Qatamesh
Programme Coordinator (Visual Arts, Music & Literature)
Project Coordinator Cultural Management / Cultural Journalism MENA
Tel.: +972 22981922-109
Fax: +972 22981923
Mail: ahmed.qatamesh(at)ramallah.goethe.org
More information:

(From press information)

The Goethe-Institut offers a six-week training programme in Germany to members of cultural institutions from the Arab world.

Deadline for applications: 10 May 2014

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