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Training fellowship for cultural journalists from the Arab world 2014

A four-week training fellowship in Germany is offered by Goethe-Institut for cultural journalists from the Arab world. Deadline: 10 May 2014.
Apr 2014

Cultural reporting is an essential part of a journalist’s work. Dealing with cultural issues offers deep insight into societies. But how do you write about a dance performance? How is a review different from a portrait or an essay? How can you feature literature on TV? What role does culture play in the Arab media?

The Goethe-Institut will offer an intensive training programme for cultural journalists from the Arab world in September and October for the third consecutive year. Participants will learn about basic approaches to cultural reporting during a four-week seminar phase in Berlin and Munich. Essential components of the programme include visits to cultural venues and cultural events, in each case followed by discussions with the organizers or artists. Participants will write several seminar blog entries during the training, sometimes about the same topic from different perspectives. The seminar and blog language is English.

Next, twoparticipants will swap their workplaces with German journalists for twoweeks in the Close-Up exchange programme.

The goal of the programme is to professionalize Arab cultural journalists, set up an Arab network between journalists and promote exchange between Germany and the Arab world.

- 10-15 journalists working in the print, online, radio or TV sector who are interested and experienced in cultural reporting
- Participating countries: Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Gulf States, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia
- Professional experience: At least three years
- Age: 25-35 years
- Very good knowledge of English
- Communication and media studies
- Cultural journalism in print, TV, radio and online
- Media landscape and cultural scene in Germany
- Cultural Policy
- Research techniques
- Selection of participants: by mid-June 2014
- Language course: prior to departure for Germany (optional)
- Seminar (4 weeks): 22 September to 17 October 2014
- Close-Up (for 2 participants): Between October and November 2014
Services offered by the Goethe-Institut:
- Meeting the costs for airfare, insurance and accommodation expenses and an allowance for the duration of the stay in Germany.
- Four-week seminar programme
- Support with the Close-Up journalistic exchange programme
- Application deadline: 10 May 2014
- Completed online form
- Telephone interview in English
A project of the Goethe-Institut within the German-Egyptian-Tunisian Transformation Partnership.

Ahmed Qatamesh
Programme Coordinator (Visual Arts, Music & Literature)
Project Coordinator Cultural Management / Cultural Journalism MENA
Tel.: +972 22981922-109
Fax: +972 22981923
Mail: ahmed.qatamesh(at)ramallah.goethe.org
More information:

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The Goethe-Institut offers a four-week training fellowship in Germany for cultural journalists from the Arab world.

Deadline for applications: 10 May 2014.

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