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Chain of Fire

Prologue exhibition for the 2016 Honolulu Biennial, 30 Oct. - 9 Nov. 2014. Curated by Dr. Koan Jeff Baysa and Isabella Hughes.
Nov 2014

Honolulu Biennial, presented by Honolulu Biennial Foundation (HBF), is a new Biennial and marks Hawaii’s first entry into the global biennial circuit. Focusing on art from Oceania, the Asian continent, and the Americas with its preview exhibition and public programs: Chain of Fire, The Prologue Exhibition for the 2016 Honolulu Biennial.

Officially launching in 2016, the debut, full-scale Honolulu Biennial will be curated by Fumio Nanjo, an international curator and Director of Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum. Honolulu Biennial 2016 will present groundbreaking international contemporary art, in addition to emphasizing Hawaii’s notable, but under-recognized contributions by its communities and individuals to global arts and culture on the international stage.

Honolulu Biennial will highlight Honolulu as a fresh destination for international and national arts and cultural tourists, fostering a cultural awakening and positioning of Honolulu as central to the Pacific-wide growth of arts, technology, cultural exchange, and commerce. Throughout the year, HBF will serve the local community by presenting educational outreach programs for Hawaii’s youth, linking art, technology and science.

Curated by:
Dr. Koan Jeff Baysa
Isabella Ellaheh Hughes
Co-founding Directors,
Honolulu Biennial Foundation
Exhibition locations:
445 & 449 Cooke Street
SPF Projects (729 Auahi Street)
Public program locations for panels and talks:
Kaka'ako Agora (441 Cooke Street)
Participating artists:
Arahmaiani (Indonesia)
Sama Alshaibi (Iraq/Palestine/USA)
Bahar Behbahani (Iran/USA)
Drew Broderick (Hawai’i/USA)
Pas de Chocolat (Hawai’i/USA)
Hasan Elahi (Bangladesh/USA)
Shigeyuki Kihara (Samoa/New Zealand)
Almagul Menlibayeva (Kazakhstan)
Adrienne Keahi Pao (Hawai’i/USA)
Mark Salvatus (Philippines)
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Chain of Fire

30 October - 9 November 2014

Co-presented by Hawai'i International Film Festival and Honolulu Biennial Foundation in Our Kaka'ako, a new neighborhood by Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Curated by
Dr. Koan Jeff Baysa
Isabella Hughes

Honolulu Biennial Foundation (HBF)

Honolulu, Hawaii

Officially launching in 2016, the Honolulu Biennial will be curated by Fumio Nanjo, Director of Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum.

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