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Digital Marrakech 2014

Internationales Festival für experimentelle Filme, kreative Dokumentarfilme, Video- und digitale Kunst, Videoinstallationen. 28. - 30. Nov. 2014
Nov 2014

The 4th Edition of the International Festival Digital Marrakech takes place from 28 to 30 November 2014, continuing its mission of contributing to reinforce the platform of media arts in Morocco and the Arab World.

This year, the festival’s main theme is RE-MAPPING the events of media arts and digital creation practices in the Arab world. More than 100 works will be shown, with a special Arab World programming, and homages to Terrence Malick, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and Ghassan Salhab.

Since its creation, Digital Marrakech has the approach of generating interdisciplinary collaborations and of creating an atmosphere of international exchange between Moroccan and international artists.

Digital Marrakech is the only festival in Africa and the Arab world that opens its programming to diverse media: independent and experimental cinema, creative documentary, video and digital art, video installation, 3D mapping. It is in this sense that Digital Marrakech has become a platform for international meetings between artists, filmmakers, directors, cinephiles, and technicians who come to encounter the newest tendencies in media art practice.

Digital Marrakech is also a platform for local artists to present their work to a larger public and to benefit from a critical review. The festival offers many opportunities for talented Moroccans by allowing the best of them to produce their work by providing them with multiple days of master classes and workshops led by cinema and media art professionals.

According to Festival Directors Abdelaziz Taleb and Abdellatif Benfaidoul, "most of the curatorial projects about Arab media arts representations are lead by westerners, some of them are inspiring, but most of them are lacking deepness and understanding about the specific political and social conditions of these communities, their deeply-rooted narrative and poetic traditions (written and oral), as well as a decisive presence of music and ritual. Works that allows a different attitude of experimentation and reflection in which a fascination with technology is mixed with a sense of poetry and rhythm, the use of silence, and the ability to speak to us directly or metaphorically of their individual or communal realities. Without claiming to be the new avant-garde, without clear cut attitude, we just want to say: It is time for us to take our own image destiny by ourselves."

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Digital Marrakech

Internationales Festival für unabhängige und experimentelle Filme, kreative Dokumentarfilme, Video- und digitale Kunst, Videoinstallationen, 3D-Mapping

28. - 30. November 2014

Centre Culturel Atlas Golf Marrakech, Galerie Ré Marrakech und das Karma Café Littéraire de Marrakech

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A Taleb Cherche Midi S.A.R.L project

Boite postale 705
Poste principale, Guéliz
40000, Marrakech

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