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OK.Video - 6. Internationales Videofestival Jakarta

Ausschreibung: Beiträge zum internationalen Festival in Jakarta, veranstaltet von ruangrupa. Deadline: 10. Juli 2013
Mai 2013

OK. Video - Jakarta International Video Festival is a biennial video festival held since 2003 by ruangrupa, a contemporary arts organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. OK. Video gives spaces to video works concerning social and cultural phenomena in Indonesia and abroad within a festival with specific theme.
This year, OK. Video Festival raises "deception" as the issue. OK. Video is trying to read, observe, and reflect the citizen (consumer) reaction in outsmarting the limitations of technology―especially video and moving images technology―that has been our focus for a decade. "Deception" goes along with Indonesian word "muslihat" and has the same meaning as "effort", "tricks", "tactics", and "strategy".
Infiltrate and wreck the video technology habit can be seen at the "scratch" video culture that was born from the era where first video distributed to consumers. In today's digital era, it has evolved into a variety of genres, such as hoax and mashup video that once became trends among YouTube users. There was also an "Indonesian version" of Wining Eleven videogame which appeared in early 2000s with a list of local leagues and footballers. We can read this as one of consumer deception that was done by modfying its technology patch. Soon after the consumer version of the viedo appeared, the video game developer had finally issued products that give greater access to the consumers. To add or to alter the the function or value of video technology can also be seen through Chinese production DVD player that has succesful ignoring PAL and NTSC video system that were back in analogue era was the border of geopolitics power.
Technology is then used not only as a product that came with a single concept―whether on the hardware or the software part―as it mythologized, imaged, and controlled by the producer (industry), but also becomes an instrument that carries parallel ideas when used to oppose and challenge the system, counsciously and subconsciously.
MUSLIHAT OK. Video - 6th Jakarta International Video Festival accepts works in the format of: multimedia, moving image, single-channel, online-based, installation. Produced between 2011-2013.
Three best works will receive special award and will be announced on the opening night at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

10. Juli 2013
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OK. Video
6. Internationales Videofestival Jakarta

Ausstellung, Wettbewerb, Diskussionen

4-15 September 2013
Galeri Nasional Indonesia

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