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Younès Rahmoun: Darra

Erste Ausstellung des marokkanischen Künstlers in London bei Tiwani Contemporary. Er ist bekannt für eine tief im Spirituellen verwurzelte Kunst.
Mai 2013

Tiwani Contemporary, in association with Galerie Imane Farès (Paris), presents Darra, the first solo exhibition in London by interdisciplinary artist Younès Rahmoun. The show is a series of photographic enlargements which explore spiritual transcendence as presented through capsules of real life.

Rahmoun, an artist who uses his artwork to engage in a dialogue with his whole being, body and spirit, as well as the world around him, initially exhibited Darra with Imane Farès Gallery. Presented as a modified selection of works, this exhibition continues in the same manner by offering up a humble way of viewing the world through what the artist refers to as "traces of space/time."

Just a few centimetres in diameter, the fragments that comprise "Darra" (atom) are materials from everyday, as simple as chocolate wrappers, pieces of worn blankets, and scraps of electric cable. A collection of encounters in life, with family and through travels, these found objects of triviality were transformed over a period of seven years into works of art by the artist. These pieces were meticulously created in a small room, a process that ended up determining the spheres miniature dimensions.

Recurrent in his practice is his use of artwork as a trace of spiritual life. The artist different symbols, materials, and forms of expression, which relate to the idea of using religion to search for the meaning of things, a connection with the other. Darra, a spiritual journey towards the heart as well as the universe, offers up the explanation that one's ideal place can exist in one's country, neighborhood, small ghorfa (room) or one's own heart.


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Younès Rahmoun: Darra

5. April - 25. Mai 2013

Tiwani Contemporary

16 Little Portland Street
W1W 8BP London

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