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apexart - Programm für nicht verlangte Vorschläge

apexart ruft Interessenten in aller Welt auf, Vorschläge für eine Ausstellung in New York einzureichen. Deadline: 15. Februar 2013.
Jan 2013

apexart nimmt Vorschläge für Ausstellungen in New York entgegen. Hier der englische Wortlaut der Ausschreibung:

Now in its 16th year, apexart's Unsolicited Proposal open call accepts submissions for exhibition ideas now through February 15.

Three winners will receive the funding and administrative support from apexart to mount a show in our Manhattan space during our 2013-2014 season.

The Unsolicited Proposal Program asks for 500-word proposals for group shows that examine an idea or theme. Exhibitions can be about anything that the organizer finds compelling —successful shows have been mounted about everything from television to mapping to literature.

No prior curatorial experience is required and we invite submissions from people of all backgrounds. Proposals are evaluated by an international jury of more than 100 people in multiple disciplines.

15 February 2013
Guidelines and submission information available:

(Aus der Ausschreibung von apexart)


15. Februar 2013


291 Church St
New York, NY 10013

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