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Fondation des Treilles: Fotografiepreis

Ausschreibung für Fotografen aller Nationalitäten. Auf den Mittelmeerraum bezogene Themen. Deadline: 1. September 2012.
Jun 2012

The photography prize of the Fondation des Treilles is open to all professional photographers with neither age limit nor nationality considerations. Photographers must have already published or exhibited their work.

The subject of their project can be anything from landscape to architecture, social or archeological photography, as long as it is closely related to the Mediterranean world. Digital or conventional, the technique used to produce the work must be applied with a spirit of durability and conservation.

The prize is made of both an allowance of 2650 euros per month for a period ranging from two to eight months coming with a living residency which can not be less than one month, specially in order to insure the achievement of the development of the photos at Les Treilles.

The winners of the prize are accommodated in the Bergerie house. Meals and house cleaning are taken care of by the Foundation’s staff, so that residents can fully concentrate on their work.

For the achivement of their work, they will find on the estate on one hand a digital lab complete with professional computer and large format giclé printer and, on the other hand, a darkroom with multi format Beseler enlarger is also available for those who whish to process and print black and white photos.

Residents are invited to take also advantage of the library and the wireless Internet connection which are available in the Grande Maison.

The artists who whish to apply for the 2013 Residence are invited to read the terms of participation on the Fpundation's website, and follow the described procedure.

1 September 2012
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(Aus einer Pressemeldung)

Prix "Résidence pour la Photographie"
de la Fondation des Treilles

Für Fotografen aller Nationalitäten.

Auf den Mittelmeerraum bezogene Themen

Deadline: 1. September 2012

Fondation des Treilles

5781, Route de Draguignan
Chemin des Treilles
83690 Tourtour

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