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Festival Damascus @ DEPO Istanbul

Ausschreibung: Videos und digitale Kunst. Das nomadische Festival findet 2013 in Istanbul statt. Deadline: 30. Januar 2013.
Dez 2012

The Visual Arts’ Festival Damascus was launched in 2010 with a program comprising exhibitions, screenings, multi-media performances, panels, talks and workshops. The aim of the festival is to create a forum for meetings and discussions focused on contemporary visual practice in the Middle East in dialogue with the neighbouring regions and to facilitate exchange between young artists of the region.

Since 2012, the festival has a nomadic form and is invited each year by a new venue. Focusing on Digital art, the 2013 edition is invited by the regional contemporary art platform DEPO from June 14 till July 14, 2013.

For this upcoming event, the organizers are looking for short, innovative videos and digital art works produced during the past year (2012). The work should have English subtitles and be accompanied by a statement of the artist and a presentation text. The artworks should be directed and/or produced by a Turkish or Arab artist or film maker regardless of his/her country of residence.

Submitted works should be uploaded on video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube or alike, made private and the links send to the curators:

Charlotte Bank
Delphine Leccas
Artistic proposals should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 30 January 2013. After this date, submissions will no longer be accepted.


(Press release)

Festival Damascus @ DEPO

Edition 2013
DEPO Istanbul
14. Juni - 14. Juli 2013

Charlotte Bank & Delphine Leccas

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