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Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project

Ausschreibung von Artellewa für Künstler und Autoren aus Ländern der arabischen Revolution. Deadline: 5. Feb. 2012
Jan 2012

The Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project will bring together six artists and writers from countries of the Arab uprisings in Cairo to collaboratively develop a creative project over a ten-week residency, from March 15 - May 31, 2012. Artellewa aims to create a space for reflection during this time of transition; a space for rejuvenation of ideas and progressive thought; a space for dialogue and exchange between artists who have experienced different modes of uprising and resistance. The project aims to strengthen a network that can envision a new Arab World in which cooperation and collaboration across national borders is normalized.

Artellewa Art Space believes in artists and writers as essential agents for change. Artists, when best performing their role as citizens, pose imperative questions about societies and their environments. It is our belief that these questions about change in the Arab World will most successfully be developed within the region itself. As in other sectors of political, social, and economic development, the most effective development is self-determined and sovereign. Thus, Artellewa Art Space has developed the Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project as an open platform for six Arab artists to realize a project of their own design, in collaboration with each other.

About the project
Artellewa Art Space will provide the team with the space, tools, and network to develop a collaborative art project with a popular impact. A group of six Arab artists will utilize the live/work studios and exhibition space at Artellewa Art Space for collaborative work. The project is executed in a ten-week period, during which each artist will record her or his personal reflections on the process on a shared blog. The group will participate in a series of public events sharing their process and project. Finally, the artists will produce an exhibition and publication.

Artellewa chooses to leave the concept of the project open-ended, to encourage an unrestricted collaborative experience between the artists. As the Arab World is facing the future of its states and societies without a clear roadmap, the team of artists will approach their project with a clean slate. The only parameters that Artellewa sets are that the process be well-documented and the final project has contemporary socio-political relevance. The team is provided with materials, the means to produce a publication, and space to install an exhibition at Artellewa . With guidance from a project manager and a mentor, it is up to the artists to decide how to configure these elements within the project.

Four artists will be selected from different Arab countries, as well as two Egyptian artists. Artellewa covers the cost of airfare to Cairo and residency for artists residing outside of Egypt, and a modest stipend during the project for all artists.

This project is made possible with support from the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and the British Council in Cairo.


Participants: Who we seek
1. Artellewa seeks applications from artists and writers from countries of the Arab uprisings for a ten-week residency in Cairo, from March 15 - May 31, 2012. Artists must be available to reside in Cairo for the entire ten-week period.
2. Artellewa seeks individuals artists who are active in their local culture scene. and who have made meaningful contributions to social and political change in their home countries through artistic practice. Artists may demonstrate significant activity as active participants in local institutions and/or as activists using creative strategies.
3. Artists should demonstrate the ability to communicate and collaborate with other artists or local populations through community projects, artistic collaborations, or membership in artist collectives. The strength of each applicant’s portfolio will also be an important factor.
4. Artists and writers may be working in any medium to qualify.


How to apply
Please send the following materials in one email to artellewa(at)gmail.com with the subject heading "Arab Collaboration Project"

1. A letter introducing yourself, indicating how you are active in your local culture scene, and what skills and knowledge you can bring to a collaborative project with socio-political relevance. Please detail any previous experience in artist collectives, collaborations, or community projects.

2. Your CV
3. Portfolio in one of the following formats. Artist’s website; 10-15 images (jpeg) accompanied by an image list; A PDF of a maximum of 15 pages; Maximum of 20 MB of video or sound files accompanied by name and description.


Application deadline:
5 February 2012
More information:
Amira Hanafi
Artellewa Art Space
19 Mohamed Ali El Eseary St.
Ard El Lewa, Giza, Egypt

(Press release)

Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project

Ausschreibung von Artellewa für Künstler und Autoren aus Ländern der arabischen Revolution.

5. Februar 2012

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