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Spezielles Förderprogramm des Arabischen Fonds für Kunst und Kultur nach den Umbrüchen in der Region. Fortlaufend, ohne Termine.
Mär 2012

Recent changes sweeping the Arab region have created a window of opportunity for individuals and institutions to engage in a new type of cultural production and openly address issues previously considered taboo, including human rights, corruption, and freedom of artistic and political expression, in an unprecedented spirit of openness.

A cohort of artists are rushing forward with new artistic projects and narratives ready to be written, performed and shared within the region at large, contributing to the current debate on change in the social and political arenas, both in countries that have experienced regime change such as Egypt and Tunisia, as well as in other Arab countries where cultural practitioners are overcoming the barriers of fear and censorship, encouraged by their neighbors’ experiences.

Moreover, the current difficult conditions in some Arab countries have also placed severe constraints on the movement and work of some artists and cultural practitioners and prevented them from pursuing many worthwhile activities.

AFAC-EXPRESS has been conceived to allow AFAC to respond in a timely manner to these needs by providing artists and small institutions with grants of about $15,000 outside of the 6-months general call for proposal cycle.

- Provide artists and small and young institutions that are actively engaged within their artistic communities and aspire to expand their activities in response to new realities across the region with financial support for projects and operational expenses.
- Initiate a quick-response process using a rolling deadline to funnel emergency financial aid to artists-in-need and institutions and organizations whose resources are being stretched due to the dramatic events taking place in the Arab region.
An open call for proposals with no deadline and a rolling selection process will be posted online from September 12th, 2011. Applicants will be limited to individuals and small cultural institutions that require urgent support or supplementary funding as a result of the new political and social realities brought about by the latest events in the Arab World.
 Proposals will be processed and assessed quickly by a jury made up of AFAC board members as well as experts from specific localities.

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Spezielles Förderprogramm des Arabischen Fonds für Kunst und Kultur nach den Umbrüchen in der Region.

Fortlaufend, ohne Termine

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

Gardenia Building
5th floor
Sourati Street - Hamra
P.O. Box 13-5290

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