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Thami Mnyele Foundation

Aufenthalt in Amsterdam für afrikanische Künstler. Bewerbungen bis 24. Juni 2011.
Mai 2011

Established in 1992, the Thami Mnyele Foundation runs a unique three month artists-in-residence program in Amsterdam.

The main objective of the Foundation is to advance cultural exchange between artists from Africa, the Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular.

The Thami Mnyele Foundation is offering an urban, loft-style apartment plus studio to African visual artists for residencies of 3 months in duration. Applicants can use this space and time for research, reflection, networking and/or production.

The Thami Mnyele Foundation provides:
- return ticket
- free accommodation
- 850 euro a month honorarium
Artists from Africa or Diaspora at all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply. Equal consideration will be given to emerging and established artists.

24. Juni 2011
Weitere Informationen:

(Aus einer Pressemeldung)

Aufenthalt in Amsterdam für afrikanische Künstler

bis 24. Juni 2011

Thami Mnyele Foundation

P.O. Box 10768

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