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Konferenz "radius of art", Februar 2012

Konferenz in Berlin am 8./9. Februar 2012 in der Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Vorinfo, Registrierung.
Jun 2011

Kreative Politisierung des öffentlichen Raums
Kulturelle Potenziale für soziale Transformation
Thematischer Fokus:

The thematic areas of the conference will be "Public Art", "Art for Social Transformation", "Art for Sustainability" and "Cultural Policy Strategies and Funding Structures". These topics will be elucidated through the examination of various foci within plenary lectures, panels, workshops and various other forums for discussion.

Hence, there will be plenty of space for the presentation and discussion of projects, basic concepts and experiences within the field dealing with international art and cultural projects that have immanent relevance for the public sphere, for processes of democratisation, for the discourse surrounding growth and sustainability and for the development of civil society.

The conference is designed to make a contribution to the international discussion on the effects art and culture have on social transformation, in particular on processes of democratization and participation, political consciousness and the forming of public opinion, and social empowerment. In the end, we will be discussing how the basic structural and financial frameworks governing projects can be re-thought within the framework of the abovementioned contexts.

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(Information der Veranstalter)

Konferenz "radius of art"

8./9. Februar 2012

in der
Heinrich Boell Stiftung
Schumannstr. 8
10117 Berlin

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