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Home Workspace Program 2011-2012

Internat. Ausschreibung: Neues postakademisches Programm von Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. Workshops und Seminare mit Emily Jacir. Deadline: 5. März 2011
Feb 2011

Ashkal Alwan is pleased to launch its first Open Call for Applications for the 2011-2012 Home Workspace Program, with Resident Artist Emily Jacir.

Geared towards developing an interdisciplinary approach to arts education, the Home Workspace Program targets emerging artists and cultural practitioners who want to develop their skills and practice in a critically supportive environment in Beirut.

The Home Workspace Program is an 11-month, independent, post-academic program with 10-15 participants per year from Lebanon and around the world. The curriculum consists of workshops and seminars with the Resident Artist/Professor and invited guests.

Conceived as part-incubator, part-production space, the Program provides a framework for research and production for participants, with space and resources in a facility that includes studios, audiovisual editing suites, performance and exhibition spaces, and a multimedia library. Additional support is provided by a network of individuals and venues around the city, helping participants build a productive relationship with the locale of Beirut.

Participants are expected to reside in Beirut for 11 months, to participate actively in the various activities initiated by the Resident and Visiting Artists/ Professors, and to develop and produce a project. Each participant is moreover provided with a production stipend.

Curricular year starts in September 2011 and ends in July 2012.

Deadline: 5. März 2011

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Home Workspace
Programm 2011-2012


5. März 2011

Ashkal Alwan

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts

Home Workspace/ Ashkal Alwan Offices
Jisr el Wati, Street 90
Building 110, 1st Floor
Beirut 2066 8421

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