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Internat. Aufenthaltsprogramm für Künstler in der Nähe von Marrakesch, Marokko. Deadline: 10. Aug. 2011.
Jul 2011

Dar Al-Ma’mûn is a residency for artists and literary translators located in the Ourika green valley, near Marrakech, Morrocco. As a non-profit creating platform its purpose is to develop intercultural exchanges and strengthen the contribution of Fellah’s economic and local social development.

Dar Al-Ma’mûn is open to artists of all practices: drawing, painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance. Dar Al-Ma’mûn is aimed at artists of all nationalities (French and English speaking). We strongly encourage African artists to apply. On the other hand we want to focus on art projects in collaboration with the Moroccan craftsmen: to do so, we are listing their expertise and knowledge in a database to which the artists will have access.

Length of stay
This third session will run from three to five months starting November 2011.
During their residency, the four selected artists will benefit from a return flight to Marrakesh, single accommodation on site, meals included and a 100 square meters workshop. The shipping costs will be settled by us. The artists receive a production grant of 5,000 euros per person, attributed progressively according to production expenditures.
Home Conditions
Dar Al-Ma’mûn is currently in it’s preliminary phase, and pending the completion of the dedicated building delivered during 2012, Dar Al-Ma’mûn is supported by the Fellah Hotel. In this context, a villa of 850 square meters is reserved exclusively to the visual arts residency, including a collective studio, rooms and a factory workshop. The team at Dar Al-Ma’mûn is continuously present in order to facilitate the artists stay and the realization of their artistic projects, assisting them with the human, technical and logistic projects.
An on-site factory workshop is available for artists, including tools for woodworking. A technical manager is at their disposal to assist them in the creation of their projects.
Application deadline:
10 August 2011
(date as per postmark)
More information:
>> Application Instructions

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Internationales Aufenthaltsprogramm für Künstler in der Nähe von Marrakesch, Marokko.

Bewerbungen bis:
10. August 2011

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